"Linking those that have fill with those that need it."
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Frequently asked questions regarding fill dirt:
Q) I NEED fill dirt, gravel or other material, how does this site benefit me?
   A) 1) it is free 2) it sends out notifications to fill providers telling them you need fill.

Q) I HAVE fill dirt or other material, how does this site benefit me?
   A) It provides you instant access to local fill sites and automatically notifies you when a fill site is added near you.

Q) Is all the fill free if I need some?
   A) Not exactly. Quite often the fill might be free if a local construction site needs to get rid of it. However, in this economy you should expect to pay a reasonable trucking fee or even market price for quality material.

Q) Does this site deal with CLEAN fill only?
   A) No. You can post requests for any kind of fill such as gravel, topsoil, clay, rock, even concrete chunks which make great fill.

Q) What does the phrase "clean fill dirt" imply?
   A) Clean fill is material (dirt, gravel, stone, etc.) that is free of contaminants.

Q) Is all fill dirt clean?
   A) No. If it is indeed clean fill you want, before accepting fill from any supplier, you should have them certify to you in writing that it is indeed "clean".

Q) What is fill dirt used for?
   A) Property owners and Developers typically need fill for landscaping purposes such as leveling an area for construction purposes.

Q) Can I put fill anywhere on my public or private property?
   A) NO!!! Before obtaining fill of any kind, you must check federal, state, city and local ordinances. Typically, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or your state department of natural resources will have specific rules and permit requirements - Use Google to find details. There are many environmental concerns such as pollution, groundwater contamination, erosion, wetlands, etc. that you must consider.

Q) If I sign up, will my personal information or property information be publicly displayed, sold, or used for purposes other than my needing fill material?
   A) Absolutely not. Your fill site information will remain private, only disclosed to those serious enough to sign up and search in your zipcode area for fill-wanted sites. The information is stored simply to link you two together. It will never be sold to advertisers or provided to anyone without your specific consent.

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